Janie literally has the patience of a Saint. She can deal with extremely difficult cases with class and professionalism. I am an extremely difficult person to deal with (no, seriously) and Janie is amazing. She can even put up with me.

When I first signed up with Farmers a year ago from State Farm. She had explained to me that at the rates that State Farm had been charging me doubled of what she offered and I barely had any coverage. With Farmers she got me double the protection and a lower rate. She even explained how the insurance policy works. Which honestly I don’t think anyone actually had ever done before. Seriously. Usually insurance agents will say things in a way to legally tell you what they are giving you but not actually tell you what you are getting.

Janie is absolutely up front with everything. She goes the extra mile in everything that she has done for me. I am extremely happy with my policy. In my opinion you can’t find better than Janie Mormon.